what is the difference between DSL and Cable internet services?

Bethany Cockrum asked:

Highspeed DSL or Broadband Cable which is better or faster? Who provides these services? Can you get DSL thru a cable service or does it have to come from a phone company. I just purchased my first computer and am confused as to who to go to for internet service and where to start. thanks.

highspeed internet providers


  1. Ddddddd D
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    highspeed internet companies

    Cable is the fastest, and safer, sometimes slow if your neighbors use cable too when u using it

    dsl and broadband same thing i think, but not very safe, since its telephone line, and hackers can listen to phone calls and some other stuff i think. dsl from phone company

    and you should go for shaw internet if u live in canada.

  2. M75
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    satellite internet service

    DSL is provided by the phone company, it uses your existing phone line.

    Cable Internet uses your existing cable tv cable. Some companies will have different speeds for different prices, the lowest speed is still very good.

    Both are considered broadband, which just means that it is high speed Internet. Both are very fast and either would suffice for general usage. In comparison, cable is faster than dsl.

  3. ►BobB◄
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    unlimited broadband

    “broadband” is any wideband network.

    DSL or xDSL is asyncronous Digital Subscriber Line from your telco

    Cable is supplied by your cable tv provider.

    Cable is or could be faster than xDSL, the speed is dependant on the number of nodes on the network, so while cable is supposed to be faster, many times it is slower.

    DSL is a fixed speed. DSL is a higher freqency carrier on the phone line and each node is dedicated, unlike cable.

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